Mobile Marketing Stat of the Day: April 5, 2014

Mobile Marketing Stat of the Day #7

Mobile Marketing Stat of the Day

When compared to the average smartphone performance, iPhones had 17% higher CTRs (click through rates) while delivering CPCs (costs per click) that were 1% lower.

Source: Bing Ads —

On the other hand, Android mobile devices exhibited over 30% lower CTRs, with CPCs 2% higher than average.

While Windows Phone 8 delivered 150% higher CTR with only a 1% higher CPC.

Advice from Bing

Understand Mobile Intent — Mobile search is different from desktop search. So tailor campaigns and user experiences to reflect this.

Adopt Mobile Ad Products — Design campaigns that really supercharge mobile ads. For instance, both Bing and Google offer location extensions that add a business address and phone number to your ads.

Focus on Local — By definition most mobile users are mobile. They’re on the go, not sitting at a desktop computer. That means that many of their searches have local intent. They’re looking for restaurants, shops, or attractions generally within a few miles of their current location.

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