PopSugar for Women: A Great Place to Get Exposure for Your Books

If you haven’t heard of PopSugar.com yet, you definitely need to pay attention. In the Fast Company video below, Lisa and Brian Sugar reveal how they created their top 2000 website aimed at what women love to read about (and buy!):

Fast Company’s video no longer works as an embed. Check out the video here: http://www.fastcompany.com/3037463/power-couples/the-secret-behind-internet-mega-hit-popsugar-forget-about-work-life-balance


Here are the key topics that PopSugar covers:

Celebrity News and Pics (celebrity photos, celebrity news, celeb life, bikini, shirtless)

Fashion (fashion news, celebrity fashion, fall fashions, fashion videos, shopping)

Beauty (makeup, hair, celeb beauty, skin care, beauty videos)

Fitness (workouts, healthy living, weight loss, fitness videos)

Entertainment (movies, music, entertainment video, TV)

Love & Sex (relationships, sex, nostalgia, women’s rights, dating, marriage, weddings)

Food (recipes, cooking, party planning, food news, food video)

Living (home, decor, pets, home tech, tech tips, smart living, work-life balance, travel, career, money)

Moms (parenting, kids, pregnancy, family life) — http://www.circleofmoms.com. Circle of Moms is their blogger community where all members are invited to blog. Circle of Moms also includes communities (discussion groups) with lots of members (http://www.circleofmoms.com/groups). Here are a few of their largest groups:

Working Moms with 803,583 members

Recipe Swap with 600,806 members

Stay at Home Moms with 513,086 members

Toddler Moms with 478,547 members

Money-Saving Tips with 593,162 members

as well as groups for pregnancy, autism, scrapbooking, breastfeeding moms, single moms, moms of teenagers, US Moms Book Club, special needs children, Christian mommies, and over 1,000 other discussion groups.


In addition, they feature bloggers in PopSugar Select (http://www.popsugar.com/select): PopSugar Select is a premier network featuring the best fashion, beauty, fitness, food, living, mom and video bloggers hand-selected by our editors. You can apply to be featured on PopSugar, work with brands, and get exclusive offers. To apply, you need to provide them with your name, email, blog URL, and category you cover.


As a book author writing about any of the topics featured above, you should join the Circle of Moms blogger community and/or their discussion groups. Or apply to be a featured blogger via PopSugar Select.

PopSugar offers multiple opportunities to get more exposure for you, your book, your blog, and more. Check it out today and take action.

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  1. Hi John, I can’t find out how to submit an award winning middle-grade fantasy book for review on Pop-Sugar. M.J. Evans

  2. I write contemporary erotic romance published by reputable romance publishers who rely on the authors to handle the marketing aspect. Even though my books have excellent reviews, I haven’t found a way to boost sales. If a reader finishes one of my books, she usually buys the others, but I’m still not making consistently significant sales. I need advice that’s tailored to romantic fiction, please. Please. Please.

  3. I’m not sure you can submit it for review, but you can certainly join the site and blog about it on Circle of Moms. Or connect with some of the bloggers on Circle of Moms and offer a review copy to them.

    You can also submit the book for review in some of the discussion groups (communities) that would be interested in the topic.


  4. Sharon . . . There are tons of ways to build your audience but I certainly can’t answer them all here (at least not in detail). But here are a few general ideas:

    An erotic romance podcast – certain to be a hit.

    Sharing of your erotic romance writings on various websites (targeted and general). Lots of great high-traffic websites where you could share your writings.

    Building relationships with top bloggers and websites targeted to your audience.

    And, for PopSugar, create relationships with those blogging or writing about love and sex (big topic on PopSugar). Show them how your erotic romances will enhance couple sex.

    That’s just the beginning.


  5. Hi John. I understand there may be more than 37 or more than 1000 or even a million ways why one should write a book yes, but there may not be even one way into selling it. What i mean is that selling a book is very hard as i still cant figure out how to sell mine after 3 months.

  6. Selling a book is tough. It takes lots of work. Tough, sometimes time-consuming, work – building relationships with editors, producers, bloggers, website editors, columnists, podcasters, etc. But it pays off if you build relationships with the right people – like the PopSugar people if you have a book that fits one of their categories.

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