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Woman’s World
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Feature stories: They pay $250 for feature stories in the magazine.


Woman’s World is a weekly women’s tabloid magazine that covers entertainment, health, food, weight loss, diets, nutrition, saving money, parenting, home, self-help, relationships, pets, travel, novels, and more (3/16).

Woman's World Magazine is a weekly women's tabloid magazine that covers entertainment, health, food, weight loss, diets, nutrition, saving money, parenting, home, self-help, relationships, pets, travel, novels, and more.

Woman’s World Magazine Editors

Stephanie Saible, Editor-in-Chief

Nuna Albert, Chief Senior Editor

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Senior Editor

Kristin Higson-Hughes, Senior Editor. Wrote an article on an inspiring animal (a dog) (2/16).

Allison Nemetz, Senior Editor

Katie Alberts, Senior Editor. Reviewed Lisa Scottoline’s mystery Save Me and James Patterson’s 10th Anniversary (5/11). Wrote about buffalo wings (7/12).

Kristina Mastrocola, Senior Editor

Featured your pizza personality as described by Patti Wood, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma (2/16). Featured advice from William Ury, author of The Power of a Positive No, in an article on getting your way (2/16). Featured various authors in an article on boosting your mood (2/16).

Featured Robert Siciliano, author of 99 Things You Wish You Knew Before Your Identity Was Stolen, and Steve Weisman, author of The Truth About Avoiding Scams, in an article on scams (2/16).

Featured advice from Kathi Lipp, author of Clutter Free; Brooks Palmer, author of Clutter Busting; and Dorothy Breininger, author of Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff for an article on organizing clutter (2/16).

Featured advice from Susan Albers, author of 50 More Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food (2/16).

Featured three book author experts’ advice on how to relax: Kathleen Hall; Susan Albers, author of 50 Ways to Soothe Yourself Without Food; and Jennifer Abel, author of Active Relaxation (9/12). Featured three book author experts’ advice on feeling more positive: Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage; Terry Paulson, author of The Optimism Advantage; and Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project (9/12).

In one article on morning wake-ups, they featured an expert panel of two book authors: Kathy Peel, author of The Busy Mom’s Guide to a Happy, Organized Home; and Hannah Keeley, author of Hannah Keeley’s Total Mom Makeover (10/11). Wrote about feng shui (7/12). Featured information on cooking contests (9/12).

Featured book author advice on getting more energy: Syd Hoffman, author of All-Day Energy, and Daisy Sutherland, author of 21 Ways to Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday Season (11/12).

Taryn Phillips-Quinn, Features Editor. Featured reviews of two memoirs: Both of Us by Ryan O’Neal and Never Say Never by Ricki Lake (7/12). Featured Christmas gifts for kids: The Fashion Designer’s Handbook, My First Bird Book, and The Zoo’s Shoes (11/12). Wrote one of the Everyday Hero features (2/16). Wrote an Animal Hero story (2/16).

Beth Weissman, Cover Features

Rachel Cosma, Special Features

Featured hot toddy recipes from mixologist Kai Wilson (2/16). Featured body soak recipes from Taz Bhatia (2/16).

Hanna Chenoweth, Special Features

Ask America’s Ultimate Experts: Featured three book author experts advice on diet derailment: Kelly McGonigal, author of Willpower Instinct; Greg Hottinger, author of Coach Yourself Thin; and Judith Matz, coauthor of The Diet Survivor’s Handbook (7/12). Wrote an article on the secret to success (7/12).

Barbara Hustedt Crook featured Robert Allen, author of Creating Wealth; Jayme Barrett, author of Feng Shui Your Life; and Jill Ammon-Wexler, author of How to Make More Money ebook, in an article on easy millionaire secrets.

Cynthia Richter, Crafts Editor

Stephanie Groves, Fashion Editor

Patricia Gaddis, Fiction Editor. Email: fiction@womansworldmag.comWe buy contemporary romances of 800 words. Stories must revolve around a compelling, true-to-life relationship dilemma; may feature either a female or male protagonist; and may be written in either the first or third person. Characters may be married, single, divorced or widowed; should be down-to-earth (no yuppies or jet-setters); and their dilemma should be poignantly or humorously conveyed. Please think carefully about a story’s setting, mood and plot, and tell the story with interesting action and dialogue.

Briefly reviewed two novels: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton and Cross Fire by James Patterson (11/10). Brief reviews of two romances: Kathleen Kent’s The Wolves of Andover and Stephanie Laurens’ The Reckless Bride (11/10). Featured fiction by Nancy Johnson (7/12).

Brief reviews of Penny Hancock’s Kept in the Dark and Sable Grace’s Chosen (9/12). Featured Eloisa James’s The Ugly Duchess and Caroline Linden’s The Way to a Duke’s Heart (9/12).

Reviewed Jennifer Handford’s The Light of Hidden Flowers, Anne Fortier’s The Lost Sisterhood, and Jennifer Robson’s Moonlight Over Paris (2/16). Reviewed Debbie Macomber’s A Girl’s Guide to Moving On, Susan Mallery’s The Friends We Keep, and Aidan Donnelly’s The Ramblers (2/16).

Christine Koury, Food Director. Featured an article on Pierre Dukan’s The Dukan Diet (5/11). Featured recipes from Fat Flush for Life by Ann Louise Gittleman (10/11). Featured recipes from Healthy Family Meals by the American Heart Association and Sandra Lee’s Bake Sale Cookbook (9/12). Featured a recipe from Daisy Martinez’s Daisy: Morning, Noon and Night (9/12).

Featured a recipe from actress Tiffani Thiessen, host of Dinner at Tiffani’s on the Cooking Channel (2/16). Featured a recipe from Food Network star Duff Goldman, author of Duff Bakes (2/16). Featured a recipe from actress Trisha Yearwood’s Trisha’s Southern Kitchen (2/16). Featured recipes from the Red Velvet Lover’s Cookbook (2/16). Featured recipes from Gloriously Gluten Free and Dish Do-Over (2/16). Featured recipes from Simple Green Smoothies (2/16). Featured recipes from The Chili Cookbook by Robb Walsh (2/16). Featured recipes and tips from The Negative Calorie Diet by Rocco Dispirito (3/16).

Susan Chiusano, Betsy Jordan, and Christina LaBate, Food Editors

Lindsay Hadsall wrote about hosting an Olympics watching party (7/12).

Linda Hamilton, Health Editor

Brenda Kearns. Wrote about living longer and also about curing stomach flu (7/12). Wrote about melting away fat (9/12). Featured advice from Alan Hirsch, author of What Flavor Is Your Personality? (2/16). Featured advice from Ann Kulze, author of Dr. Ann’s 10-Step Diet (2/16).

Camille Pagan wrote about recovering from jet lag (7/12). Featured advice from dermatologist Joel Schlessinger and Gary Goldenberg, M.D. (2/16).

Gabrielle Lichterman wrote about healthy foods (9/12).

Doreen Virtue, Columnist, My Guardian Angel. Doreen is the creator of Angel Therapy and a book author. The column features reader stories of angel encounters. Email: with your story, name, address, phone number, and a clear photo. They pay $100 for featured stories.

Woman’s World Magazine Online
Animal Hero — Email: They pay $100 for stories of pets that came to your rescue or saved your life or the life of a loved one.

Circle of Kindness — Email: Submit your story of an act of kindness (along with your name, address, and a clear photo). They pay $25 for each story they publish.

Everyday Hero — Email: They pay $100 for stories of people who come to other people’s rescue or saved a life.

Love & Laughter — Email: Features cute baby photos, pet photos, and embarrassing stories. Include your name, address, and phone number. Also include the name and age of the child (and your relationship to that child). They pay $50 for embarrassing stories (Was My Face Red!) to $100 for pet and baby photos they print.

Kids Are Funny — Email: They pay $50 for each Kids Are Funny story.

Money-Saving Recipe — Email: Share a great recipe. Include your name, address, phone number, and a clear photo. They pay $25 for each recipe.

Scoop — Email: They pay $100 if they publish your human interest story with titles like Giving Heart, Happy Ending, Lifesaving Friendship, Inspiring Animal, etc.

What Makes Me Happy! — Email: They pay $50 for a short paragraph on what makes you happy. Include your photo, name, address, phone number, and email with stories.

WW Diet Success — Email: To test a diet with them, email your contact info, age, height, weight, size, and diet history. Also a recent photo. They pay $100 for you to test a diet for a week and report your results.

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Woman’s World Pitching Tips
Submit article suggestions to Kristina Mastrocola, Senior Editor, where your author can offer advice and tips as an expert.

Submit cookbook recipes, especially middle America comfort food recipes, to Christine Koury, Food Director.

Submit novels for review to Patricia Gaddis, Fiction Editor.

Submit stories to any of their special sections (listed under Online above).

Do not ask to submit articles to them. They don’t accept outside articles from authors unless they already know you well. Again, submit an article suggestion where your author can provide expert tips. Pitch your author as an expert who can contribute to a great article.

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