Robert Allen: On Creating Wealth

Here is a wonderful interview of Robert Allen on how to create wealth by singing your song. He was interviewed by Shirlene Reeves of WMAX-TV.

Here are a few of the major points that Robert Allen made on creating wealth via multiple streams of income:

Your message must come from who you are.

This is your song, so sing it!

You can create wealth that’s good wealth.

Money is the most dangerous drug on the planet.

When you make money, you got to give away the first 10%.

Make the world a better place.

When you give, the universe notices.

You don’t give because you want to get anything.

You live in this incredible country with these amazing opportunities.

If the money comes, I have more to give.

There is a mindset you must have in order to succeed.

You just need to take a few steps every day to get up the mountain.

Ask: Why am I here? What is my song? Go do what your heart sings.

Trust me: They are waiting for you right now.

Keep breathing as long as you can. Life is so good.

You can find out more about Robert G. Allen at

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