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On this page I’ll be sharing various tips on how to use Instagram to build an audience and sell more books. First, some Instagram stats:

Big businesses are spending hundreds of million of dollars per year on Instagram advertising.

65% of top performing Instagram posts are featured products (that means buyer traffic).

200 millions Instagrammers actively visit business profiles every day.

300 millions Instagram stories are viewed every day.

Here’s the first tip I found in a recent food magazine:

Tag specific posts with related influential Instagram accounts. For example, tag your favorite supermarket in related food posts. Did you know that 75% of @wholefoods posts are regrams (reposts) of customer posts? You can pick up hundreds of followers if they repost your food photos.

The same can be true if you tag a key business account for business posts, or a key celebrity for a love or entertainment post, or a key novelist for your fiction posts. If they regram your post, you could end up with hundreds of new followers.

Key accounts won’t always regram you, retweet you, repin you, or repost you, but once in a while they will. And you should do the same with people who tag you. Repost their stuff as well. It’s all about building relationships.

Interestingly, I have 331 followers on Instagram and I’ve only posted two images so far. I’m obviously not really active on Instagram. That’s because I’m not a big smartphone user. And Instagram, like many new social media and apps, are mobile only platforms.

Instagram social network - tips on how to use Instagram to build an audience and sell more books.

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