The 12 Commandments of Success by W Randall Jones

Here are W. Randall Jones’s 12 Commandments of Wealth. They are really 12 rules for success. They are worth paying attention to as you write and market your books.

Note: The comments after the bolded commandments are mine (John Kremer).

1. Never seek money for money’s sake. — If you are writing and marketing your books only to make money, you will not do well. Make sure your primary passion is to share what you know and love.

2. Find your perfect pitch. Discover your talent. — Write about what you love. Write about what you know. Then sell it with passion.

3. Be your own boss. — Most authors are better served by self-publishing and self-marketing their books. You know your book better than anyone else can know it. You are the best person to sell your book.

4. Get addicted to ambition. — Be ambitious. Be bold. Get excited. Do the big things first.

5. Be early. Show up on time. — Plan ahead. Don’t wait until the last minute to start marketing your book.

6. Don’t just set goals. Execute them. — You can have the greatest plan. But, if you don’t carry out your plan, it has no power to sell your books.

7. Failure is not fatal. — Don’t worry if you make a few mistakes. You can always recover if you persist in doing something every day to market your books.

8. Location doesn’t matter. — In today’s connected world, it doesn’t matter where you live. You can live up in the mountains outside a small town in New Mexico and still have an international impact via Internet marketing and social media.

9. Moor yourself to morals. — The only way that people will come to know, love, and trust you is if you write and market from your heart and soul. Always speak the truth. Always do what is right. Sell your book from your soul.

10. Say yes to sales. — I have met way too many authors who think that selling is immoral, debasing, or simply beneath them. If you are one of them, get over it. Say yes to selling. If you don’t love selling your book, no one will ever know about your book, much less buy it.

11. Borrow from the best. — One reason I share so many success stories from other book authors is because that’s often the best way for other authors to learn. It’s okay to steal good ideas from good people as long as you actually carry the ideas out.

12. Never retire. — Never stop marketing the books you love (that is, the ones you’ve written and are still passionate about).

Excerpted from The Richest Man in Town by W. Randall Jones

12 Commandments of Wealth

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