Tim Hartman: 7 Powerful Storytelling Secrets

Learning how to tell stories is a key skill for writing books, publicizing books, social sharing, and marketing books. Readers respond to stories.

Here are a few tips from storyteller and comedian Tim Hartman on how to tell powerful stories:

Tim Hartman on Powerful Storytelling: Here are a few tips from storyteller and comedian Tim Hartman on how to tell powerful stories

1. Don’t be spastic. Tone it down. Relax your delivery. Talk more softly.

2. Keep it simple. Use no gimmicks. Just tell the story.

3. Be enthusiastic. If you enjoy the story, your audience will enjoy the story.

4. Be relatable. “As a storyteller its your job to let people know that you’ve been in a situation just like them,” Hartman says.

5. Know your story. Be prepared. Practice. Find the heart of the story.

6. Use details. Show, don’t tell.

7. Don’t be inhibited. Reach out of your comfort zone.

Source: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/10/04/7-secrets-of-powerful-storytelling-from-one-of-americas-most-insightful-actors


Here is Tim performing The King of the Forest, cabaret style:

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