Virtual Book Release Party

Dr. Lani Simpson hosted a virtual book release party for her book, Dr. Lani’s No-Nonsense SUN Health Guide: The Truth about Vitamin D, Sunscreen, Sensible Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer.

Here’s what she reported about the party:

Thank you so much for a wonderful Virtual Book Release party. We had an amazing response, 1,000 people. I had a great time connecting with everyone. For those who couldn’t make it, you can watch it here now, and please feel free to send a link to your friends.

Now, I watched her Virtual Book Release Party on YouTube. The one thing I noticed right away is that she should never have hosted the party herself and not invited any questions or other interaction.

Sorry, but her presentation was too monotone. Or, as someone might say more crudely, it was boring! I bet she gives a much better presentation live or when she is being interviewed and thus interacting with another person. Indeed, I recommend that any book author who is planning a Virtual Book Release Party, only do it if you have someone interviewing you and playing the host and interactive questioner.

She must have done some great promotion to get 1,000 people to attend the live video on May 20th. And, a week later, her book’s Amazon rank was #455,999—so we hope she sold some books. She certainly boosted the book’s rank on Amazon from what I can tell.

She is doing a sale on her book for the next few days: 15 to 25% of all her books at her store on Note: The sale ends at midnight on May 31st.

Watch her video for a few minutes and let me know in the comments below what you think of her presentation style in the above video. I bet you wish she had had an interviewer and/or host to liven up the presentation!

Interactive events are always better: They involve people. They get people to listen more carefully. They enable people to ask questions. Get a host!

Lani Simpson Virtual Book Release Party


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