What a Wonderful Way to Market a Book

Check out the following video by Jamie Farr of MAS*H fame. In the Facebook video, Jamie wishes Joe Rubenstein a Happy Birthday. And talks about Joe’s book: Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein Story by Nancy Sprowell Giese. By the way, it’s a great memoir and a great read.

You, too, can ask celebrities to do something like this video. Identify celebrities who have some link to your book, just like Jamie Farr is linked to Joe’s war memoir by his acting in a war-based TV show. Then ask them via mail, email, phone call, social media comment, or other means to read your book and provide a testimonial. Or, perhaps to start, ask if they would be open to being interviewed as part of your podcast, Facebook live video, Whereby video series, Substack email, webinar series, or other on-going promotional vehicle.

Ask more than once. If one pitch doesn’t work, ask for something else. Ask more than one celebrity. If you ask often enough, vary your pitch, and ask enough celebrities, eventually you will strike gold. But you have to ask and ask again.

I understand how this can be hard for authors to do. As an author myself, I like nothing better than to spend time writing in my little office. Reaching out to people takes time, takes effort, takes persistence. When all I want to do is write! But you must reach out. Otherwise, no one ever hears about you or your book.

So ask and ask again. Always.

Need someone to wish you a Happy Birthday? And promote your book? Well, I’ll do it via a Facebook video. The first five requests are free. If more authors ask, I’ll have to start charging a small fee, probably $50.00. Let me know via a comment below. I will respond to all comments.

Auschwitz #34207: The Joe Rubinstein Story

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