Why You Should Write Children’s Ebooks (and Books!)

Check out these 18 reasons why you should write children’s ebooks or children’s books (besides loving the child inside yourself):

  1. Children’s books are evergreen. They never go out of style.
  2. Children’s ebooks are in great demand. Sales grew 475% in one year alone.

  3. Children’s ebooks are profitable. They can provide thousands of dollars in royalties every month.

  4. Children’s books are easy to promote online because there are tons of blogs devoted to books, children, and mommy bloggers.

  5. Parents are happy to spend money on them. Children’s books are like virtual babysitters.

  6. Grandparents also love to buy books for their grandchildren!

  7. Children’s books are fun to write!

  8. Children’s books can be written in a few hours. They generally are less than a few thousand words.

  9. Children’s books are easy to write, once you create a system.

  10. Children’s books are easy to outsource if you don’t want to create them yourself — but then you’d miss all the fun!

  11. Children’s books are largely image-based. That means you have less words to write, but it also means you need an illustrator if you want to publish the books yourself.

  12. Children’s books can be formulaic. Once you hit on a formula, you can rinse and repeat.

  13. The full-color images in children’s books look great in Kindle Fire, the Nook, and iBooks!

  14. Children’s book covers are easy to create. Use an image and a template.

  15. It’s easy to create a bestseller, with so many categories and subcategories available for kids.

  16. With their emphasis on images and brandable characters, children’s books are easy to merchandise. Just put images on a t-shirt and license your images for other products.

  17. Children’s books make great series: Judy Blume, Goosebumps, Wimpy Kid, Grossology, Nancy Drew, Eyewitness Books, Ballpark Mysteries, The Boxcar Children, Madeline, etc.

  18. Once you’ve created a number of children’s books in a series, you can compile them and sell them as an omnibus collection.

How to Write a Best-Selling Children’s Book: And Generate $1000s per Month in Amazon Royalties – Free 52-page special report

18 Reasons Why You Should Write Children's Books


How to Write a Best-Selling Children’s Book: And Generate $1000s per Month in Amazon Royalties – Free 52-page special report

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  2. Nice one, John! But as for “Children’s books can be written in a few hours” I had to laugh, as my children’s fantasy, “Ifflepinn Island” took me well over half a century to write! LoL! And it’s not due out until next spring. But at least my hard-to-please editors think it has the makings of a new classic, so that’s comforting.

  3. I am an award-winning children’s author, illustrator and educator (of The Complete Hawaiian Reef Fish Coloring Book and Who Lives in the Sea? Ocean Animals of Hawaii. The one thing I DO have to say is please write quality material for children! Our children read these books and should be given only the BEST! They should not be seen as a profit making target market. With the ease of epublishing, I have seen a large number of people writing crap in order to make a dollar. Remember these are out kids and the higher the quality, the longer you will be around!

  4. Yes, young adult novels do take a lot more time to write. A 1,000 word picture book takes much less time. Thanks for pointing that out.

  5. Yes, our children do deserve the best, not schlock. Great point.

  6. John, What’s your opinion on ebook formats for children’s picture book layout? It still seems to be problematic with fixed vs flowing pages vs PDF turn-the-page technology. F

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  9. There isn’t a simple answer to your question. The more the look and feel of the book is important to the message, the more you have to go with a fixed layout: ibook, PDF, page-turning format.

    If the words are the most important part and the images can flow with the text, then Kindle formats can work.

    Some authors, of course, are choosing to do iPad apps to convey their children’s books.

    So it is a mixed bag and really does depend on the content you want to convey.


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