Ask E. Jean: How to Praise a Person or Project

Do you want to praise someone or something? Use the following spectacular and dazzling words as provided by E. Jean Carroll in her most recent advice column in Elle magazine. Pick a word from column 1 and another from column 2.

Ask E Jean Elle Column

You can use the following expanded list to praise books and other things or authors and other people. Use a descriptive praise word to celebrate something or someone:

Descriptive Praise Words: spectacular, historic, dazzling, spellbinding, gorgeous, unprecedented, magnificent, fabulous, incredible, great, extraordinary, captivating, significant, sensational, remarkable, fantastic, astounding, amazing, staggering, marvelous, breathtaking, fascinating, stunning, wonderful, awe-inspiring, striking, impressive, thrilling, exciting, notable, important, memorable, rare, noteworthy, momentous, phenomenal, outstanding, terrific, uncommon, helpful, lovely, etc.

Things: book, novel, poem, answer, question, comment, idea, solution, strategy, feat, achievement, maneuver, triumph, explanation, blog post, website, video, company, gift, store, bookstore, pin, tweet, description, example, story, note, report, example, white paper, ebook, magazine, TV show, radio show, newspaper, article, plan, invention, dress, house, building, and more.

People: friend, author, writer, reader, bookseller, co-worker, boss, spouse, lover, fan, follower, blogger, video maker, social influencer, sibling, cousin, club, advocate, supporter, partner, scholar, reviewer, editor, agent, bookworm, columnist, journalist, reporter, producer, host, wordsmith, ink slinger, creator, designer, artist, singer, actor, director, dancer, politician, businessperson, bureaucrat, doctor, nurse, chef, decorator, checkout person, plumber, repair person, and others.

You can, of course, use these words in writing your books, your blog posts, your podcasts, your video scripts, your social media posts, your pins, etc.

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