Business Quotations from Richard Branson

Richard Branson of the Virgin Group

Here are a few business quotations from Richard Branson, billionaire founder of the Virgin Group. You can learn a lot from these simple business observations.

I suspect that anything that is morally wrong is ultimately bad for business.Richard Branson

John’s Comment: It’s not a suspicion. It’s a reality. Anything morally wrong is bad for business, bad for friendships, bad for politics, bad for love, bad for authors.

To me, business isn’t about wearing suits and pleasing stockholders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials.Richard Branson

John’s Comment: All business is about creating relationships. That starts by being true to yourself and your ideas.

Listen more than you talk.Richard Branson

John’s Comment: You can always learn a lot more by listening than you can by talking. Listen well. Listen carefully. Listen often.

If you want people to remember your face, you have to be willing to fall on it.Richard Branson

John’s Comment: Don’t be afraid to fail. Most successful people have failed many times, often more than they have succeeded. Just fall on your face, and laugh about it.

I have enjoyed life a lot more by saying yes than by saying no.Richard Branson

John’s Comment: Learn to say yes. Say yes whenever you can, but don’t over-commit yourself. There are times to say no. There are many more times to say yes.

Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming.Richard Branson

John’s Comment: Book ideas are also like buses. They keep coming if you are active in writing what you love.

In the modern world, there can be no profit without a well-defined purpose. — Richard Branson

John’s Comment: You can’t make money at any time if you don’t know what you are doing, or don’t know why you are doing it, or don’t know what you want to get out of what you are doing.

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