Friends Who Read Together Do Epic Shit Together

Enlightenment Is Sexy by Valerie Gangas

Friends who read together do epic shit together.

My friend Valerie Gangas is releasing her incredible book in July: Enlightenment Is Sexy. Here’s a short excerpt from her book:

Enlightenment Is Sexy by Valerie Gangas

2011, Winter. I’ve just finished my first twenty minutes of meditation. I open my eyes and realize that everything I ever knew was wrong.

In this moment, I experience a spiritual awakening, in the purest sense. My universe begins to resemble one huge Monet painting. Every tree becomes my best friend. All so completely unexpected. All so incredible.

Soon, I am working at Oprah Winfrey’s TV studio, talking with her and her staff about Transcendental Meditation… suddenly finding myself in an ongoing stream of epic situations. And I begin feeling an unbelievable sense of peace and joy. A new stream of consciousness arises and crystal clear thoughts pour forth. I have no idea where they originate. I only know their power and how my world now is very different.

One day, Oprah looks towards me and says to her top executive, I want what this girl has. Um, yeah. Oprah. About me. Did I mention I feel awesome?

There is no doubt that living from the inside out is the only way to roll. Clearly, this is where the magic happens. My deep understanding could only come from me connecting to the Cosmos within. So, yes, I am. And Enlightenment Is Sexy is all about helping you connect yourself to your inner Cosmos. And having a blast! Enjoy the ride.

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