Enlightenment Is Sexy Is Everywhere!

I just love the way that my friend Valerie Gangas is incorporating her book cover into promotional images to promote the release of Enlightenment Is Sexy. Check out this image:

I got rhythm. I got Enlightenment Is Sexy.

I got rhythm. I got music. I got Enlightenment Is Sexy. Who could ask for anything more?

Enlightenment Is Sexy by Valerie Gangas

Enlightenment Is Sexy is all about helping you connect yourself to your inner Cosmos. And having a blast! Enjoy the ride.

Click here for another of Valerie’s creative promotional images for her book: Friends Who Read Together Do Epic Shit Together

Now, how can you do something similar in your social media promotions? How can you incorporate your book cover into clever images that people will want to share on their social networks?

Social media sharing is love in action!

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