Galley Cat Interviews Ron Martino of DeviantART


My friend, Ron Martino, producer and director of the DeviantART network, was interviewed recently by Galley Cat, a Media Bistro blog.

In this podcast, Ron covered some of the literary opportunities for book authors (especially children’s book authors, novelists, and poets) that are available via DeviantART.

Galley Cat podcast

Here are a few excerpts from that podcast:

The literature community is vast. There are novelists, graphic novelists, comic book artists and writers…. We have writers that come on and they find the artists that they would like to work with to create a comic book or graphic novel. We have artists that come on and hook up with writers. They start to build out a story together.

We have people that can do both on the site. They are artists and storytellers, so they release chapters of a book every week or every month and that’s how they build an audience and tell stories.

Sorry. GalleyCat no longer supports this interview. The audio got lost in SoundCloud. Alas.

As Ron noted, the site has fostered the growth of full spectrum narrative: When I got to DeviantART, I realized something incredible was happening. When an author would build a world before they wrote a book, they would have a glossary of weapons, a geography map of their world, and all these extra components before they started to write the book….

People release character sketches, story elements, artwork, all of it leading up to the publishing of the book. Which is incredible, because you’re getting feedback, you’re seeing what works and you’re able to make subtle adjustments.

People are able to interact with the work of their favorite creator by creating fan art or fan fiction. It’s a different level of connection and access that I don’t think authors have been able to have up until now.

One artist has a new book she’s working on called fisheye placebo, and she’s been releasing sketches, characters and artwork. The last piece of artwork that she uploaded had a 100,000 views in a few weeks. So that’s a whole new way that you’re building audience before you release a book.

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