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This page features social bookmarking websites. Please note that this is a work in progress. If you’d like to nominate a site for this page, leave a comment below. I know that I have missed some sites I truly would like to add to this list. Your site might be one of those. Thanks for your support. — John Kremer, author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books

Check out these Top Social BookMarking Websites

aboogy: — Alexa rank: 67,782 in September 2015.

Bibsonomy: — A scientific website and papers bookmarketing site. Alexa rank: 5,779 in September 2015.

Blog Marks: — Looks like a lot of spamming bookmarks and a few good ones. Alexa rank: 27,528 in September 2015.

BuddyMarks: — Alexa rank: 23,236 in September 2015. or — One of the top social bookmarketing sites. Alexa rank: 2,557 in September 2015.

Digg: — The top social bookmarking tool on the web. Currently one of the most influential web traffic stimulators. 35 million visitors per month submit 20,000 stories a day. Alexa rank: 914 in September 2015.

Diigo: — Alexa rank: 2,319 in September 2015.

Fark: — Users submit story story ideas each day. Fark features headlines for news, sports, business, geek, showbiz, politics, music, and video. Alexa rank: 3,495 in September 2015.

Faves: — Alexa rank: 70,881 in September 2015.

Folkd: — Currently 3,725,999 users share 42,591,300 bookmarks and over 81,057,000 websites. Alexa rank: 3,380 in September 2015.

Google BookMarks:

LinkaGoGo: — Alexa rank: 18,271 in September 2015.

LinkRoll: — Alexa rank: 67,143 in September 2015.

NetVouz: — Alexa rank: 34,568 in September 2015.

NewsVine: — Features news from users and mainstream sources. Users can write articles, post links, and comment on stories. Alexa rank: 6,160 in September 2015.

Reddit: — A social news website that allows users to post links to Internet content. Alexa rank: 31 in September 2015.

Reddit AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are highly popular Q&A sessions. Check out the list of AMAs at

Slashdot: — Motto: News for nerds, stuff that matters. Alexa rank: 1,654 in September 2015.

StumbleUpon: — 3,250,000 users share the sites they like. You can discover new sites via word of mouth from other like-minded users. “StumbleUpon is the best way to discover great websites, videos, photos, blogs and more – based on your interests. Everything is submitted and rated by the community. Discover, share and review the best of the web!” Alexa rank: 306 in September 2015.

Yahoo! News Search: Allows you to build and share a customized news feed. You can share the news feed on your MyYahoo! share page noted below. Alexa rank: 5 in September 2015.

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