Before People Buy from You . . .

Before people buy from you, they’ve got to buy into you. — Chuck D of Public Enemy

Before people will buy from you, they need to know, love, and trust you. — Internet Marketing Adage

Chuck D of Public Enemy

Chuck D of Public Enemy: Before people buy from you, they’ve got to buy into you

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  1. Heh, John.
    After listening to your presentation for BQB yesterday, after you talked about just what you’re highlighting here, the coolest thing happened.
    I had “met” someone on Facebook FROM PROMOTING A POST ON FB. We had emailed back and forth, establishing such a good rapport that she invited me to stay with her and her family if I’m ever out California way (I’m in Massachusetts). I’d say she was from one of my most prime target audiences. Yesterday, I received an email from her suggesting I try for being one of the Top 12 Book Picks on a website I’d never heard of that is also a prime target audience for me.
    I immediately contacted the owner of the site. She actually called during your presentation. I called her back right away afterwards, and she said she’d looked over my website and the info about my book, and absolutely wanted me for the last spot of the Top 12!
    So there you have it! Just exactly picture perfect of what you’re talking about here.
    Thanks so much, John!
    Robin Lynn Brooks

    Helping women survivors of childhood incest and abuse know they are not alone and it is possible to heal.
    Informing the professionals who impact survivors’ lives in the hopes of effecting change.

  2. Relationships are cool. I’m glad it’s working out for you.


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