Book Marketing Q&A: Does Long Copy or Short Copy Work Best?

Does long copy or short copy work best for writing sales copy, even book sales copy?

Copywriters and marketers have argued about this for as long as there have been long-copy sales letters. There are passionate believers on both sides of the argument. Both camps make some strong points.

In this video, my friend Ray Edwards offers an answer and, as he asserts, it is the correct answer.

Sales copy is never too long as long as it speaks to the core desires and aspirations of its target readers. But it can be boring, and too often it is.

Do you agree with Ray, or disagree? Give your answer in a comment below. Thanks.

Ray Edwards on writing sales copy

By the way, here was my comment on his YouTube video:

I think I should disagree with you just to make you happy! But, alas, it’s true: long copy makes more sales than short copy. And that’s my short answer.

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