Book Marketing: The Rules Are Made Up

The boundaries are imaginary. The rules are made up. The limits don’t exist. — unknown

The boundaries are imaginary the rules are made up the limits don't exist

All true.

Too many book authors get stuck on following every rule in the book rather than simply doing the one thing that really matters: Creating relationships.

Why are you afraid to actually make a friend? Make lots of friends?

If you want to sell more books, create friends. Create fans. Create advocates. Created a big drumming tribe. But do it because you really care about your new friends, your fans, your advocates, your tribal members.

You’d be surprised how many people would like to help you — if you’d just ask.

If you are at a loss on what to ask, check out these 50 tips:

How do you create friends? Simple. Be a friend.

I know, how can it be that simple? But it truly is. The boundaries between you and other people truly are imaginary. Anyone is approachable.

In the Internet world, you start simply: Like people. Follow their Pinterest boards. Retweet their tweets. Comment on their Google+ posts. Tweet their blog posts. Follow the 50 ways to help someone you love ( Interview them for your blog.

The more you help others, the quicker they will become your friends.

But, note this: You can’t stalk someone to become their friend. You can’t use people. You truly have to want to be their friend. Friendship is very much a two-way street. If you expect it to be a one-way street, you lose.

The limits don’t exist!

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