Book Marketing Tip: Graphic Quotes for Novel Marketing

Nicole Collet, author of Red: A Love Story, started sharing graphic quotes from her novel. These quotes are eminently shareable on social media and blogs about novels. As she notes,

These are quotes, paraphrases and short excerpts from my novel RED. I will keep posting them as I go—it’s so much fun! I hope you like them and, if you do, feel free to share.

In fact, if you want to help a struggling author spread the word about her work, please DO SHARE your favorite quotes from my novel Red: A Love Story. Spread them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, wherever your heart leads you!

There are several benefits in doing so. Like, you will prove what an angel you are and go straight to Heaven. You will have my undying love and gratitude. And much more! :)

Red novel by Nicole Collet

Any novelist, children’s book author, or nonfiction book author can duplicate what Nicole has done here. Just pick some of the best quotes from your book, place them in the context of a beautiful image, and then add your book title, author name, and website URL. Share your quotes first via your blog, and then reshare via social networking websites. Encourage your followers to freely share your graphic quotes.

Here are a few of the quotes and graphics:

Red symbolizes extremes: it dresses the Pope just like it paints the Devil. The first visible color in the light spectrum, it signals passion—which is nothing more than the extremes of joy and pain. — Nicole Collet, author of Red: A Love Story

Graphic Quote from Red, the novel

Come with me to this dreamscape. — Nicole Collet, author of Red: A Love Story

Graphic Quote from the novel Red by Nicole Collet

She spoke to him with one gaze. He replied. That was how it all began. — Nicole Collet, author of Red: A Love Story

A resource for graphic quotes:

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