Book Marketing Tip: Libraries Sell Books

The Shoemaker's Wife by Arriana TrigianiIn early May, three libraries in Chicago suburbs used an interactive webinar to host Adriana Trigiani, the author of The Shoemaker’s Wife, in a simultaneous virtual book tour.

Adriana and the three libraries were hooked up with their own web cams. People at each library were able to see and hear all four web cams on one big screen at the same time. Adriana, via her webcam from her laundry room office in New York City, was able to interact with all three libraries at the same time.

Adriana did an interactive virtual read with library patrons in a different state without leaving her home.

What’s the cost for all this amazing technology? It’s free!

The library used the free 30-day trial where up to six web cams can be streamed at once.

But they could also have used Google Hangouts or Skype to accomplish much the same thing. If you’re an author think of all the opportunities for you!

The three libraries used newsletters and flyers to promote Adriana’s event:

Enjoy the personal reflections of Adriana Trigiani as she discusses, via webcast, her motivation for writing The Shoemaker’s Wife, her painstaking research, and her deep ties to her family—the motivation for her book. Refreshments, inspired by the book, will be served

This promotion proved so popular that the three libraries had a waiting list.

Libraries are starting to have virtual meetings with out-of-town authors. These virtual book readings allow local people to communicate with faraway book authors.

Library coordinator Laura Birmingham of the Indian Prairie Library in Darien, Illinois, said this was actually better as everyone could actually see the expressions on the author’s face up close and personal.

Now book authors can call libraries all over America to speak with their book clubs, give virtual talks to Friends of the Library, and carry out other virtual book promotions.

You can save a lot of time searching for a list of all the US public libraries phone numbers to set up these meetings. A list is included in the comprehensive online course, How to Get Your Books into Libraries. See more info at:

Selling Books to Libraries

Market Your Books to Libraries

Libraries are one of the most overlooked yet lucrative markets to sell your books, ebooks, and other information products.

There are over 120,000 U.S. libraries. Just think of the sales potential.

The problem is breaking into this market can seem difficult if not impossible. Librarian buying psychology is clearly much different than the rest of the marketplace.

But now my friend Elaine Wilkes is exposing the secrets to selling into the lucrative library market.

Why sell to libraries? Because sales are non-returnable, library users tell others about books they love, and you can sell a ton of books.

The neat thing is that Elaine has drastically lowered the price of her How to Get Your Books into Libraries course to celebrate National Library Month in April (yes, I’m a little late in alerting you, but Elaine says she’ll extend the discount until the end of May).

Check out the details of all that Elaine offers in this course. Go here: (yes, that’s an affiliate link for a great program).

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