Do You Need a New Book Cover?

Have you ever considered a new book cover for your book? Do you think the cover doesn’t matter?

Read this story that a friend sent me recently:

I changed my cover art when my son, who had created the original art, was old enough to not have his feelings hurt. Overnight—with nothing but a new cover—the book began to sell more and more and more, and my sales figures kept rising. It kept creeping up the category list till Threads was in the top 10 for every category that displayed on its Amazon book page. On the U.K. site, it’s typically #1. All this happened after the book had been available for 10 years.

— Nell Gravin, found in a narrative by Nell on page 192 of David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Digital

Here, for you to compare, are her two book covers:

Threads: Old Book Cover  Threads: New Book Cover
old book cover                       new book cover

By the way, here’s the book cover for David Gaughran’s Let’s Get Digital:

David Gaughran's Let's Get Digital

If you need a new book cover or would like feedback on the book cover you are currently using (or planning to use), check out Book Cover Critiques by John Kremer.

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  1. John, this is a great example of the selling power of book design. We at TLC Graphics have rescued many books from the throes of poor design over the years. They come from designers who aren’t book specialists, self-designing authors, beginning artists, even vanity publishers. Good book design — inside and out — is an investment that can pay for itself by showing that you take your product seriously. When people see that, they’re more likely to do the same, giving it a chance!

  2. I love resurrections and rescues. Moral–get a professional cover designer into the game from the get-go (not the kid, or best friend, or Mom, or gulp, yourself); makeovers are a smart thing to do.

  3. Resurrections are great. And professionals are also great – book cover designers, website designers, editors, marketers, etc.

  4. Rescuing books can be great fun. I do it with book covers and book titles via my critique service on book titles and book covers.

    For example:


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