Book Marketing Tip of the Week: 27 March 2013

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

March 27, 2013 – Just a few more days of Read an Ebook Month!

In this issue . . .
– Hug an Author!
– Blog Posts on Book Marketing, Ebook Promotions, Writing Books

Hug an Author!

Hug An Author is a social bookmarking site for book authors, their families, and their friends to share the books and authors they love. And also share any blog posts, websites, articles, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, etc. that feature books, authors, writing advice, or ebook and book publishing tips.

Hug an Author!

Hug an Author:

John Kremer: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
You can register for free and then start sharing your love of books and authors on what will become one of the top-rated and most-visited book and author sites on the Internet.

As a bonus, this is a social bookmarking site, so you can also save your favorite book author sites, book pages on Amazon, blog posts on writing, book blogs, and more for later reading.

And you can also re-share every listing via Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter. Yes, that means you can spread the love. And gain more traffic for your blog or website.

In the six days this site has been active, it has had 840 views and gone from an Alexa ranking of 17 million to a ranking of 2.23 million. Plus lots of likes, shares, comments, tweets, and pins.

Blog Posts on Book Marketing, Ebook Promotions, Writing Books

13 blog posts that should help you sell more books and ebooks:

Spend Only 30 Minutes a Day on Social Media – Here’s How! –

John Kremer Interview: Book Promotion for New Authors –

Real Friends vs. Good Friends –

Larry Page on Doing Crazy Things (more great advice) –

Harlan Coben: The Importance of Independent Bookstores –

One Secret of Success: Be Truthful –

Ian Rankin: 10 Rules for Writing –

Blake Bailey: 5 Writing Tips –

Cheat Sheet: Social Media Cover Photos –

13 Rules for Good Behavior & Success –

Google Reader Is Dead, Long Live the Alternatives –

39 Questions to Ponder –

Wall Street Journal: Facebook Privacy Options Guide –

Quotable Books

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