Book Marketing Tips with Main Street Author Podcast

Listen in as Mike Capuzzi of Bite Sized Books and the Main Street Author Podcast interviews John Kremer on how to sell more books.

Lots of great tips are shared in this half-hour interview. You’ll be glad you listened in.

Main Street Author Podcast

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And here is the Foreword I wrote for Mike’s new book (coming out soon): Marketing with Free Books.

In 1986, I published the first edition of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. Coming in at over 700 pages this behemoth of a book soon became the book marketing bible in the publishing industry. Since then, I have periodically updated it and today the “Real World Edition” is the most current edition and now includes strategies to market digital books and digital content.

Over the years, I spent untold hours of research and writing its content and now that I look back on the past 30+ years, it was “stupid.”

I say that with tongue in cheek (but with some truth to it) because the book has helped so many authors. However, the reality is I should have done what Mike Capuzzi is doing with this book and make it much more focused.  Instead of one 700-page book, I should have had seven 100-page books, each focused on a specific way to market your books.

Ah… live and learn.

Today’s non-fiction book readers don’t want to have to go through hundreds of pages of content to get the helpful information they are seeking. While my book has an impressive thud factor when I drop a copy on someone’s desk, the immense amount of information I share is often intimidating to readers.

This is why I love Mike’s concept of short, helpful books—or shooks™ as he calls them. For the business owner who is looking to write a book, I think writing a shook make complete sense. They are faster to write and publish and much easier on readers to read.

There is no doubt being a published book author changes the way people look at you. If you are reading this book, I am assuming you have already written a book or are just about to write one. So, there is no need to try to convince you to write a book. However, what I can tell you is that writing a book is only part of the book success equation.

The other part is focused on marketing your book—and the persistent and consistent things you do to get your book in the hands of targeted readers.

Without effective book marketing, people will never know about your book and more importantly, they will never be able to get the help or information they are seeking. As an author, you must do everything you can do ensure book is easily found, which is why I wrote 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.

The difference between my book and Mike’s book, besides the obvious difference in page count, is that this book is for authors who do not care about selling their book, but instead are using it as a gigantic business card and sales tool. While these authors may sell a few copies a year, their primary goal is to give away as many FREE Books as possible to ideal readers.

The “Get my FREE Book” offer has been around for decades because it works and in Marketing with FREE Books, Mike shares 50 proven tactics to leverage a FREE Book marketing strategy. Yes, that’s 951 less ways than I share in my book, but that’s the beauty of Mike’s book.

It only focuses on one type of book—the FREE Book—and it only shares the best ways to leverage a FREE Book marketing strategy for non-fiction, business-focused authors.

Mike’s got a winner here and now you and your business are going to win because what Mike shares is pure gold. Implement a few of these tactics, and I know your book marketing efforts will be successful. And, if you are interested in even more book marketing strategies, please check out my website and books. They are an excellent complement to Mike’s book.

Congratulations for investing in a copy of Marketing with FREE Books and congratulations on the future success of being able to share your FREE Book with the world!

John Kremer, author of 35 books

About John Kremer

John Kremer is author of 1001 Ways to Market Your Books, the Relationships Matter Marketing program, and many other books and reports on book marketing, Internet marketing, social media, and book publicity. -- .

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