Book Marketing Tweets for May 2014

Here are a few of the book writing tweets and book promotion tweets I’ve shared during the past week on Twitter:

Is your book dangerous? Will it change people’s lives? If not, keep writing and revising.

If you tell a good story, people will hang on your words. — David Attenborough #words #stories

Here’s how you attract attention and sell more books: Tell Good Stories! #books #stories

As a writer, you get to play, you get to alter time, you get to come up with smart lines. #writers –

Sit down and start writing. Write one to four pages a day. Don’t worry about how good it is. … #writers #authors

If you have a passion for your topic and for your book, you can write a book. Start simply. … #books

Get your content and inspiration out somehow. You can always write a book later. … #authors #writers

Steps to Becoming a Happier Person: Read more books. Read many more books. … #books #authors #reading

More powerful than the New York Times: A single-author blog with a passionate following.

If you write four pages a day, you’ll have a book in less than six months. #books #authors

John Kremer, the Book Marketing Expert, on Twitter

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