Food and Health Authors: Tips on Building Your Blog

Sarah Britton of My New Roots (, a blog about recipes, whole foods, and holistic nutrition, was once asked this question: What are some tips you would give to other food and health bloggers? Here are three of her blogging tips:

1. Don’t give up. You will undoubtedly come to a point where you think: No one is reading this. Nobody cares. This is so much work. What’s the use? But I urge you to keep going. It has been over five years of non-stop blogging for me. Most of the time I feel totally inspired, excited, called to keep on keepin’ on. Some weeks, I want to just throw up my hands and forget about it, but I don’t. My perseverance has paid off so, so much, and I know that I am finally making a difference, however small it may be.

2. Get a decent camera and learn how to take beautiful pictures. Food blogging is no longer just about the recipe – you must have mouth-watering images to draw people in. Since I invested in a DSLR, things have really taken off and my photos are much better than they used to be.

3. Reach out. Get your recipes on as many other sites as you can (Tastespotting, FoodGawker, Yummly etc. will drive extra traffic to your site). Use Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as well. Approach blogs you like and write a guest blog post for them, or offer to feature a recipe of theirs on your site. It’s all about making those connections, and getting your blog to reach as far as it can on as many different platforms as possible.

As Sarah notes on how she makes money via her blog (just as authors can make money with books): I create recipes because I love doing it, and the blog will always be free for you to use. I make a living teaching cooking classes, workshops and lectures, my cookbook, mobile apps, video series, and writing recipes for other publications.

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