Gary Vaynerchuk on Selling Multiple Copies of Your Book

To promote his new book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy, Social World (coming out in November 2013), Gary Vaynerchuk has set up a sales page where he promotes the idea of buying multiple copies of his book and getting valuable bonuses as a result.

Here were his special multiple copy sales offers:

Buy 5 books and get an additional 15 case studies that will be hand selected by Gary from the Fall and Winter of 2013.

Buy 30 books and get a personalized video: I get a lot of requests for personalized videos for birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, or quick inspiration. Give me 2 bullet points and I’ll create a 2-3 minute video just for you.

Buy 60 books and get a 10 minute phone call with Gary! Have any questions you want to ask? Insights you want to know? Or dig a little bit deeper into any conversation we have had in the past? Now’s your chance!

Buy 100 books and get the office pack: I’ll hand-select two bottles of premium vino and send them along to your office in addition to a 5-8 minute custom video. I’ll do my whole WLTV process for you to taste along with while I answer your questions from your office.

Buy 500 copies and get an hour jam sesh: You and I will have an hour to chat business, wine, Snapchat, whatever you like. Hell, you can even pitch me if you want! This can be in person at the VaynerMedia offices in NYC or virtually via Skype/Spreecast/etc.

Buy 3,000 copies and get a Social Media Audit. VaynerMedia will do an audit of your social media properties that I will go over with you during our hour jam session. This is the same audit that we do for our Fortune 500 clients.

Buy 4,000 copies and get a keynote address. I’m going to come to you, all travel and lodging covered, give an hour long keynote/Q&A, and follow it with another hour of book-signing. This, gives you and your company a proper taste of what it’s like to live in my world!

Now, what can you offer to encourage people to buy multiple copies of your books (new or old)? Do you have special offers you could make to encourage multiple copy sales? Think about this, and then act on it. You could be surprised by the results.

Note that he also offered a few limited edition deals as well as the opportunity to barter. In addition, he pitched doing international speeches as well (make me an offer!).

To see more of the details of his multiple copies sales pitch, or to participate in his special offers, check out his complete sales page at

To see the full book marketing infographic, go to:

How to Use Incentives to Increase the Sales of Your Book

Here are a few pointers on how to encourage people to buy multiple copies of your books:

Incentives that rock — Whatever you offer as an incentive to buy your book must be congruent with the topic of your book and the interests of your target audience.

Unique incentives — Offer incentives that are so different, so enticing that people want to buy your book.

Limit incentives — Don’t offer incentives that cost too much time or money to make the multiple sales worth it to you. This is especially important when you are offering your time.

Showcase incentives — Use incentives that showcase the other products and services that you offer. If you are a coach, one of the incentives should feature your coaching services. If you are a speaker, one of the incentives should showcase your speaking ability.

Value incentives — Offer incentives that people who like you or your book would want to buy, even if the incentive weren’t being offered as a bonus for buying multiple copies of your new book.

Step by step incentives — Increase the value of your incentives as you ask people to buy more copies of your book. The incentives should match the value of the book quantities you are asking people to purchase in order to qualify.

Multiple copies landing page — Create a sales page that outlines all your incentives for encouraging your readers to buy additional copies of your book.

Book launch incentives — Time your pitch so it’s up and running before your book’s publication date. Encourage people to buy multiple copies to support your bestseller campaign.

Incentive revivals — Use multiple copies sales incentives to reinvigorate book sales after the excitement of your book launch has died down. Get your customer to come back to your website to consider buying multiple copies of a book they’ve come to love.

Gary Vaynerchuk on Selling Multiple Copies of Your Book

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