How Strong Are Your Fans? Do They Love You and/or Your Book?

Do you have fans like this? Readers who love your book so much they make a painting of themselves reading your book. Valerie Gangas, author of Enlightenment Is Sexy, has such fans. You, too, can build fans like this:

Rūta Matulevičiūtė of Vilnius, Lithuania, casually mentioned to me that she was working on a painting. The final project? PURE. MAGIC. She told me that she was simply researching Transcendental Mediation one day when she came across my book, and after reading it, made this glorious work of art!

Check out the painting Rūta created of her reading Valerie’s Enlightenment Is Sexy:

Enlightenment is Sexy Painting

Now she’s a fan! If you write a great book and make it known to key people, you, too, can create such fans! Do it today!

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