Jeff Rivera on How to Interest a Publisher

Guest Post by Jeff Rivera

Jeff Rivera

As someone who scouts for a number of great literary agents, editors, producers and publishers in the book, film and television industries, my greatest advice to aspiring writers who want to be discovered is the following:

The BEST query letter an aspiring writer could ever have nowadays is to sell a SH*TLOAD of ebooks.


(Meaning, selling at least 10,000-25,000 copies. That’s sales, not downloads.)

And if your book is actually any good, that helps too (but not a necessity once you start selling at mega levels).

If you have a platform, that can land an agent but won’t necessarily get you a book deal.

You don’t need to chase agents or editors anymore.

Believe me, they’re looking for you. They’ll find you, if you’ve sold that many ebook copies.


Jeff Rivera, Facebook post


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