Knock and Knock Again

I learned sales and marketing from knocking on a hundred doors a day. You quickly discover that you’ll get 99 slammed in your face before you make a sale. — John Paul DeJoria, quoted in The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg

While John Paul DeJoria knocked on doors to sell hair care products, as authors and publishers, we knock on doors over and over again to sell books, pitch promotions, get distribution, and much more. If you don’t knock, you don’t get answers. You don’t get sales. You don’t get media. You don’t get fans and followers.

You must knock. And knock again.

John Paul DeJoria on Persistence

You’re going to run across a lot of rejection. You need to be as enthusiastic about door Number 100 as door Number One. — John Paul DeJoria, billionaire co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems hair care products and founder of Patron Spirits tequilla, Gustin Energy, DeJoria Diamonds, ROK Mobile, and other companies.

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