Martha Carr on Becoming a Nationally Syndicated Columnist

In a podcast Martha Carr, author of The List, talks about becoming an internationally syndicated columnist. Her column, Martha’s Big Adventure, which is syndicated by Cagle Cartoons, had an international audience of 4 million people.

Martha talks about five key advantages of writing a syndicated column versus writing a blog:

Accountability – She has a weekly deadline with a fixed word count where here grammar, spelling, facts, and content must be checked and rechecked.

Editor – Her column appears in about a thousand newspapers and many websites, so there are a ton of people (including an editor at Cagle) who are making sure she creates great content written well.

Stamp of Approval – Because she is syndicated by Cagle, she already has a stamp of approval many people respect. In addition, each newspaper or website that carries her column also gives her their stamp of approval.

Audience Size – When she first started writing for Cagle, she had an immediate million new readers. Her audience has since grown to 4 million readers every month from four different countries. As she notes, she’s big in India!

More Profitable Book Tour – Unlike a blog, her audiences are concentrated in specific towns where she can design a real-life book tour co-sponsored by a local nonprofit, a local bookstore, and the local newspaper. That gives her four strengths most book authors don’t have in designing a book tour: a concentrated audience predisposed to like her (the readers of her column), the supportive relationship with a nonprofit, the promotional support of a local bookseller, and the promotional support of the newspaper that carries her column.

Listen in now as Martha talks about how to get started (decide on your topic, start locally, and more great tips):


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