Michael Brito: How to Become a Media Company and Turn Your Business into a Platform

Your Brand by Michael BritoTo learn how any business can become a media outlet and thus build its platform and brand, Michael Stelzner interviewed Michael Brito for the Social Media Marketing podcast.

Michael Brito is the author of Your Brand: The Next Media Company (How social business strategy enables better content, smarter marketing, and more effective customer relationships).

What does it take to become a media company?

Media companies have five characteristics:

1. Storytelling — Great media companies are great storytellers. Figure out what story you want to tell, and then tell it.

2. Content — Successful media companies produce great content.

3. Relevance — Companies that operate as media companies create value-added content that helps their potential customers solve problems.

4. Ubiquitous — If you want to be a media company and create a platform, you need to be everywhere: blogging, live events, social media, and more. Make sure your story is consistent across all channels.

5. Agile — Companies that become media companies control the entire supply chain, from initial idea to story creation, editing, production, and distribution.

Brand Platform Examples

Chief Mobility Officer blog

Visage, a small company that creates enterprise mobility software, writes a Chief Mobility Officer blog (http://visagemobile.com/mobilityblog) that focuses on mobiity and not the company.

Red Bull has created a media platform by sponsoring epic events that tie into their energy drinks. Their message: Red Bull gives you wings. That’s one reason they sponsor the Red Bull Air Race World Championships.

Intel got involved with brand journalism because of their employee’s passion for Intel’s products. Consumers trust companies where the employees love the product.

Content Creation Websites

If you don’t have the in-house talent to create new content, here are two websites that feature people who can write content for you. Note: As a book author, you could also offer content via these two websites:

Contently: http://www.contently.com — Here is my Contently profile below (https://johnkremer.contently.com):

John Kremer on Contently

Ebyline: http://www.ebyline.comFor experienced freelance content creators, Ebyline is a dynamic way to showcase experience, pitch ideas to publishers from around the country, and safely get paid for quality work. No more invoices, no more hassle, just fast payments and easy transactions. Details at https://www.ebyline.com/for-freelancers.


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