Money Is Attracted to Speed

Money is attracted to speed. – A little piece of advice from my friend, Terry Dean. Succinct and likely true.

Money is attracted to speed - Terry Dean

A comment I made on Facebook after making this post:

Well, I’m not sure money is really attracted to speed, but I do see so many book authors waste so much time not getting around to marketing their books that if they just started doing something – anything – they’d be better off. In that sense, speed counts – and attracts money.

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  1. Hi John Kremer,

    I’m David Carson and I live in Taos. Someone told me you live here too.

    I am co-author of Medicine Cards.

    I’d like to get a cup of coffee sometime and get you to sign your book, 1001 Ways…

    Well, let me know if that can happen.

    Good wishes,
    David Carson

  2. It can happen. I live out on Gallina Canyon Road in Valdez, but I come into Taos 2 to 3 times a week. I will be in town on Friday, 4/12/13, after delivering garbage to the town dump.

    Would love to meet you sometime in town.

    John Kremer

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