Novel Tip-o-Graphic: What Makes Us Human

Below is a tip-o-graphic I created for Michael Sullivan, author of Forgotten Flowers, a novel about dementia and family. This tip-o-graphic features four of the wonderful testimonials Michael has received for his novel before it’s publication date. Note: All novelists should get some great blurbs (testimonials) before their books are published.

Forgotten Flowers by Michael Sullivan - A novel of family and dementia

For more information about the author, Michael J. Sullivan, see

Forgotten Flowers: A Story of Redemption and Second Love

Here are four great testimonials for Michael Sullivan’s novel, Forgotten Flowers.

The author weaves intrigue, romance, greed, pride, infidelity, selfishness, treachery, deceit, evil, and even murder into a roller coaster ride that grips the reader. The upside is: perhaps many hearts will be motivated by this story to share their time and kindness to the Forgotten Flowers throughout the world. A terrific read that will stir your emotions and keep you on the edge of your seat. — Lois Tipton

It is a cleverly told story about a very difficult and important subject—dementia. As a story that touches on the very core of what makes us human—our memories, I personally recommend Forgotten Flowers. — Jane Kotowski

Great book. All in all, the book provided a fascinating look into a world most know little about. This book possesses the potential to revolutionize the way many see the elderly. — Kelly Grounds of Brookdale Senior Living

Forgotten Flowers offers good insight into a segment of our society that is forgotten. Elderly people are put away in rest homes and then never get any visits from their immediate family. The book parallels real life with compassion and understanding. — Ciria C. Ghiorso

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