Want to Get Great Backlinks? Try This Strategy!

Now here is a smart way to get great backlinks from top-rated websites:

  1. Navigate to a page on a website where you’d like to be featured.
  2. Check the links on the page. Find a bad link (one that doesn’t link to an active website or web page anymore).

  3. Email the website owner or editor and alert them to the bad link. At the same time, encourage them to add your relevant link to the page.

Check out the letter below to see a great example on how to implement this strategy.

Hey there! Hope your week is going well.

My name is XXXXX and I am doing some research for Answers.com. You’ve got some great resources on your page and I appreciate all your effort! However, I noticed that you had a broken link on this page: an old page of mine

Apparently the link you have, www.askanexpert.com was an awesome list of experts that would answer questions that people had on many different topics. But now the link is broken. Maybe they took down their site, but either way, when you click on the link, nothing comes up. Just wanted to let you know.

If you wanted to switch out that broken link for one that’s working, Answers.com actually has a page, https://www.answers.com/experts, that I think you and your readers would find really helpful. This page is a directory of all the Experts that we have brought on board to write articles for our site. You may have heard of us – we are a top 25 comScore site with over 180 million registered users. Our expert network is made up of professionals with credentials and advanced degrees in their field who write articles and answer thousands of questions a day.

Let me know if you have any questions about Answers; I’d love to chat! Thanks for the time that you’ve put into your site; it’ll definitely be helpful to me as I am gathering information and sources for my projects.

Answers.com Experts

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