YouTube vs. Pinterest: The Showdown

QuestionWhat’s your opinion on using YouTube videos for marketing a book and website versus Pinterest? To me, Pinterest is much easier but YouTube seems promising for providing traffic longer.

John’s Answer: Personally, I think these two social networks are the two best social media for helping authors sell books, get traffic, and build relationships.

YouTube is great for building relationships and sometimes selling books. It really depends on the quality of your videos. If you are going to use YouTube, you need to learn how to create effective videos quickly. And post regularly.

Pinterest is best for driving traffic to your website, Amazon sales pages, email capture pages, etc. But you have to know how to use Pinterest effectively: create Tip-O-Graphics, Quotegraphics, and Pictographics. And how to find the best group boards to join (and how to create your own group boards and build them).

As you know, I love Pinterest best (I teach the best course on Pinterest available anywhere, he says modestly). Here are a few reasons:

Pinterest pins actually last longer than YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Tweets, Instagrams, Snapchats, etc. I’ve had pins that send me traffic, lots of traffic, even five years after first being pinned.

Pinterest is the only social media where 80% of the interactions are shares. You won’t find that on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 4 out of 5 pins on Pinterest are repins. It’s those repins that drive the lasting power of pins and the incredible amount of traffic sent to your links.

For more reasons to like Pinterest, see my previous post: 14 Reasons You Should Be Active on Pinterest.

Plus, great graphics are much quicker to make than great videos. I can make a Tip-O-Graphic that gets lots of pins in about 10 minutes. I can’t do that with a video (unless, of course, I want to make a jackass of myself, but that won’t sell books). A great Tip-O-Graphic sells books.

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  1. Thanks for you tips on YouTube and Pinterest. Since you say Pinterest is better for driving traffic to a webstie than YouTube, I will focus my energy on Pinterest. I love Pinterest because its fun to look at the pictures, and its an easy platform to use compared to YouTube. Thanks for your awesome work in marketing for us. Keith

  2. You are welcome, Keith.

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