21 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter (and other social networks)

Here’s a wonderful infographic from Post Planner on how to get more followers on Twitter. Of course, many of the suggestions apply to other social networks as well.

21 Ways to Get More Followers on Twitter

1 – Embed tweets on your website. Feature tweets from satisfied customers, cool tweets, funny tweets, and topical tweets.

2 – Favorite tweets: your top tweets, your mentions, friend’s tweets, partner tweets, etc.

3 – Say thank you. Thank those who retweet you (one in four will follow you back). Wish followers a wonderful day. Suggest your content they might enjoy.

4 – Optimize your Twitter bio. Use targeted keywords. Professionalize your bio. Include a link to your website.

5 – Use Twitter advanced search. You can respond to mentions of you or your topic. Discover tweets in your local area or topic. Search for influencers who can make a difference.

6 – Shorten your tweets. Tantalize your followers. Be clear. Be direct. Don’t mince words. Note: Tweets under 100 characters get 17% more engagement than longer tweets.

7 – Schedule your tweets. You can schedule tweets a week ahead (and should). Use scheduling services like Post Planner to tweet at optimal times.

8 – Connect with friends. Tap the connect icon. Find friends. Sync contacts.

9 – Use engaging words: you, Twitter, please retweet, blog, free, help, how to, check out, new blog post.

10 – Promote your Twitter profile. Add a Twitter sharing button. Use a Click to Tweet plugin. Add your Twitter profile link to your emails, letterhead, brochures, etc.

11 – Use Twitter tools like CrowdFire, SocialFave, Followerwonk, Social Quant, Post Planner, Hootsuite, or any of the following tools: http://bookmarketingbestsellers.com/twitter-tools-for-2016.

12 – @Mention users and brands. Mention users when you share their content. Mention influencers and engage them in conversation. Reply to tweets.

13 – Send promoted tweets to a targeted audience. Target good content to the right people. Be specific.

14 – Join a Twitter chat. Participate in Twitter chats focused on your topics. Interact with other people on the chat. Follow people active on chats.

15 – Don’t over tweet. Share content regularly. Schedule times based on when your audience is active on Twitter. PostPlanner is a great tool for scheduling tweets.

16 – Add emojis to your tweets. Use emojis to brand your content. Use emojis in your bio.

17 – Offer exclusive coupons to your followers. Do it regularly. Tease the coupon before you release it. Create a sense of urgency with your coupon offers.

18 – Make it about your followers. People who share valuable information get twice as many followers. Mix up your content. Include other people’s content. Share photos, images, videos, gifs.

19 – Contribute to high-profile websites. Connect with brands, influencers, high-traffic websites and offer to contribute content.

20 – Use hashtags. Tweets with hashtags get twice as much engagement. Tap into trending hashtags. Use hashtags your target audience use (check out: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Hashtags for Book Authors). Use daily hashtags (check out: 129 Hashtags for Every Day of the Week).

21 – Tweet visuals. Share quotegraphics. Share infographics. Share videos. Share viral images.

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To see the PDF version of the above Twitter infographic, click here: https://www.postplanner.com/hubfs/Campaigns/TW%20Grow%200317/Infographic/Asset/21%20Super%20Stealth%20Ways%20to%20Get%20More%20Followers%20on%20Twitter.pdf

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