Report: State of Online Advertising

Are you involved in advertising online – either banner ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, or other online ads? Then you should read Adobe’s report linked below.

Meanwhile, here are just a few of the insights from Adobe’s State of Online Advertising report:

  • Magazine readers are twice as likely to read an ad and pay attention to it than TV viewers to enjoy a commercial.
  • 68% of consumers don’t like online advertising.
  • 54% say that banner ads don’t work (probably more advertisers would say the same thing).
  • 53% of consumers agree that most marketing is a bunch of BS.
  • Advertisers and marketers are considered less valuable than teachers, scientists, bankers, and even politicians – but at least as valuable as dancers and actors.
  • 53% of Facebook users would like a dislike button.

For more details, see:

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