The Power of Podcasts: Pitch Them for More Exposure

As a book author, you should be targeting podcasts as a key way to market yourself and sell your book. Podcasts have three key things going for them:

Targeted: Podcasts can be targeted by topic and demographics. Get interviewed by podcasts that target your audience.

Book Buyers: Podcast listeners are book buyers. And they love to share their book discoveries with others.

Trusted Hosts: Podcast hosts are trusted by their tribes. So anything they recommend and anyone they interview will also be trusted.

Do you want to be a podcast guest? Do you want to be interviewed by more and more podcasts? Then learn how to pitch to them.

Pitch yourself as a star interviewee, someone who can hold the podcast audience. Let them know that you are prepared to provide them with a great interview that will entertain and educate their listeners.

Pitch sample questions that will intrigue your interviewers. Provide them with a list of five to ten questions that you can answer with great soundbites. Make those questions entertaining, fun, eye-opening, intriguing, news-worthy, or zonkers.

Pitch any testimonials you’ve gotten from previous podcasts hosts and radio show producers. Podcasts hosts are more likely to trust other podcast hosts…and also trust their recommendations.

Check out this video from Dave Chilton on The Power of Podcasts:

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