22 Things Happy People Do Differently

22 Things Happy People Do Differently . . .

Don’t hold grudges. — Authors: Let go of anger. Keep moving forward.

Eat well. — Authors: You can’t maintain a good writing or marketing schedule if you are not well, if you are tired, if you are weak. Eat good food. Sleep well.

22 Things Happy People Do

Dream big. — Authors: Always think big. Go for the best you can reach.

Never make excuses. — Authors: Don’t make excuses. Just move ahead. Don’t blame other people. Don’t blame other things. Take the blame or simply move on.

Exercise. — Authors: You will be more alert when writing and marketing if you move. Do some exercise every day, even just going for a walk.

Speak well of others. — Authors: Speak well of your fellow authors. Always. Then many will think and speak well of you. That’s the beginning of valuable relationships.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. — Authors: Don’t get caught up with the small stuff of writing or marketing. Focus on those activities that will actually make a difference.

See problems as challenges. — Authors: Any bump in the road is simply a chance to do better.

Wake up at the same time every morning. — Authors: A regular schedule will help you avoid any writer’s block or marketer’s block.

Nurture social relationships. — Authors: All of marketing is based on creating relationships. And then nurturing them.

Take time to listen. — Authors: Listen to the people around you: in the streets, in the office, at home, at lunch. You could solve many problems simply by listening to other people.

Get absorbed in the present. — Authors: Focus on now. Focus on what is in front of you. Do that. Don’t get misled by future expectations.

Tell the truth. — Authors: Always tell the truth. In your writing. And in your marketing. And in all your relationships.

Meditate. — Authors: Or pray. Both will help clear your mind.

Choose friends wisely. — Authors: When you create relationships to help you with your writing or marketing, choose the best partners, people you would be happy to work with for a long, long time.

Establish personal control. — Authors: Take responsibility. That is the only way you will ever have any control over your writing or marketing.

Avoid social comparison. — Authors: Never compare yourself to others. Compare yourself only with the person you were yesterday. Be better today.

Live minimally. — Authors: If you want to spend more time writing, live with less. That way you can afford to spend your time rather than your money.

Accept what can’t be changed. — Authors: Don’t spend any time trying to change things that simply aren’t worth changing. Focus on the things you know you can change.

Do not need approval from others. — Authors: While praise from others is great, the only praise you really need is that you give yourself.

Express genuine gratitude for what they have. — Authors: Be thankful for all you have. As gratitude grows, so does the things and people around you.

Treat every single person with kindness. — Authors: Kindness is the magic elixir that turns strangers into friends, followers, fans, and fanatics.

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