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Quail Ridge Books & Music of Raleigh, North Carolina, has asked book authors to commit to some form of support for the store over the coming year. Almost 70 book authors responded. Here’s what they are doing to help promote Quail Ridge Books & Music:

Website Link — Over 20 book authors will link directly to the Quail Ridge Books website from their websites. This support is easy to accomplish (just like I’m doing here).

Feature in a Book — 15 book authors have agreed to place the bookstore’s name into their books. This is more of a challenge, but it is doable for certain books. And, if you simply name the store in a dedication or acknowledgements, any author can featured the store in a book.

Quail Ridge Books & Music

Write Original Content — Almost 30 book authors will be writing original content for the newsletter and/or website for Quail Ridge Books & Music. This takes a greater time commitment, but it could be fun and a great way to build a stronger relationship with an independent bookstore.

Share Book Picks — 20 book authors agreed to join Quail Ridge Books & Music Staff Picks promotion by sharing what they are reading on a regular basis. Every so often you would share 3 to 5 books you’ve read and write a comment or two about each.

Promote with Swag — 13 book authors have agreed to buy Quail Ridge Books & Music store swag (t-shirts, shopping bags, coffee mugs, etc.) and promote Quail Ridge Books in real life or on social networks or their websites. This option will require you to spend a little money, but not much.

Support Indies First — 14 book authors have committed to supporting the Indies First effort of Quail Ridge Books & Music. Indies First is a great promotion for supporting all independent bookstores.

While Quail Ridge Books & Music hasn’t asked me to promote these promotional efforts to other book authors, I’d like to encourage you to support a local bookstore. Support your own local bookstore, or support Quail Ridge Books & Music.

Quail Ridge Books

If you want to support Quail Ridge Books & Music, here is their contact information:

Address: 3522 Wade Avenue, Raleigh NC 27607

Phone: 919-828-1588



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