Book Contracts vs. Marriage Vows

Remember: When you sign a contract, be sure to include all the details.

For example … Marriage vows, a personal contract, should be rewritten “to have and to hold and to listen to stories about your workplace drama until death do us part.” — @CopyMama

Book Contracts vs. Marriage Vows

As a book author, you’re likely to run across all sorts of commitments, many involving some sort of contract: author/agent agreement, book publishing contracts, rights contracts, printing contracts, distribution agreements, service contracts (for editors, illustrators, cover designers, etc.), publicity agreements, and more.

Remember: Always read your contracts and make sure they include everything you need to be sure that both sides meet their obligations to each other. Also be sure that the contract does not include anything that you really don’t agree with. Never sign a contract if you are uncomfortable with some of the key provisions. Negotiate until you are happy with every commitment you are making by signing the agreement or contract.

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