Book Marketing Tip: 21 Kinds of Content That Users Love

If your content doesn’t resonate with your audience, they won’t follow you where you want to take them. The key question is: What kind of content universally resonates with people?

If you want more readers for your books … if you want more people talking about your books … if you want more people following your blog or social networks, then learn how to create content that users desire above all else. Learn how to create content people love!

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Content We Crave: 21 Kinds of Content That Users Love

Here are 21 kinds of content that we all crave and love. These are among the universal laws of content:

  1. Content that reminds us that life is short.
  2. Content that reminds us that dreams can come true.

  3. Content that gives us faith and hope to believe in bigger things.

  4. Content that reminds us all that we matter.

  5. Content that reminds us of the overlooked or forgotten basics of life.

  6. Content that offers unexpected twists and turns.

  7. Content that tells a great or moving or personal story.

  8. Content that takes us along on an incredible journey.

  9. Content that inspires us to act.

  10. Content that makes us laugh or smile.

  11. Content that makes us cry, whether tears of joy or tears of sadness.

  12. Content that reveals secrets.

  13. Content that surprises and awes.

  14. Content that encourages us to never give up.

  15. Content that reminds us that we are one-of-a-kind — and encourages us to live that way.

  16. Content that reminds us there’s more. There’s always more.

  17. Content that confirms our assumptions.

  18. Content that challenges our assumptions.

  19. Content that educates while entertaining us.

  20. Content where David defeats Goliath, the little gal wins over the big corporation, the big media, the big government.

  21. Content that gives us a fresh point of view even about the common and the mundane.

Infographic via Scott Aughtmon and the Content Marketing Institute.

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