Book Marketing Tips: Work with Other Authors

You can sell a lot more books if you work with other authors than if you try to do everything all by yourself. — John Kremer

Here are a few tips on how to work with other authors:

Interview them. Have them interview you.

Blog about their book. Have them blog about your book.

Do joint promotions with a group of authors of similar books.

When you are interviewed by someone, ask them to interview your friend as well.

And here are a few other ideas: 51 Ways to Help a Book Author You Love

Quality is what matters when you are working with other book authors or any other people. — John Kremer

Start by helping other authors yourself. Then you will earn the right to ask others to help you. They will come. You just have to call in the right way. — John Kremer

sell lots more books with other authors

An answer to one author’s comment that partnering with idiot authors doesn’t help your brand: If you can raise idiot authors up to your level, then you both benefit. — John Kremer

You can’t ask well-known authors to offer suggestions to you on how to gain a wider audience. You can’t even ask them to read your book. That’s asking too much of people inundated with requests to help every day. But you can ask to interview them. An interview with a well-known author helps both of you: She gets more exposure to a new audience while you get exposure to her audience. If the interview goes well, there’s a good chance that she will, in turn, ask to interview you. Now you have a double exposure for both of you. With social shares, that exposure could multiply. — John Kremer

Marketing is always done with others. You need other people to share your work (media, websites, bloggers, video makers, social media, etc. as well as fans, followers, and groupies). — John Kremer

If you want to be successful as a book author, you need to surround yourself with friends, supporters, fans, followers, guest bloggers, joint venture partners, and other people who see greatness within you. Relationships matter. Be sure you have the most supportive relationships. Great relationships are the basis of any marketing you do. You can’t buy great relationships. You can only earn them. — John Kremer

There are so many places you can reach out to for your book: Colorado newspapers, Colorado CVBs, Colorado radio stations, Colorado TV, people who love or blog about old bridges (there are certainly many thousands of those people), people who love or blog about novels based on real events. That’s just a beginning. — John Kremer, in regards to marketing The Bridge Over Cedar Creek by Michael W. Paul

Many successful authors do stoop to help other authors. I see it all the time. But they can’t stoop for every author that comes by asking them for something when those authors don’t offer anything in return. If you want help from someone, offer them help first. Don’t ask. Give. That’s the basic reality of relationship marketing. — John Kremer

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