Jeff Walker: The Three Key Ways to Launch a Book or Product

If you have a gift to share with the world, if you want to build something big, if you want to share what you have in an effective way, you need to learn how to launch a product. There is magic in a well-designed book launch.

Product Launch King Jeff WalkerIn this new video, Jeff Walker — aka the Product Launch King — describes three ways to launch your book, product, or service.

The Seed Launch, which is great for creating new products fast even when you have no business and no list.

The Internal Launch, a quick way to generate cash flow when you need it, especially if you have an on-going online business, email list, or social media following.

The JV Launch, or joint venture launch, an advanced strategy for leveraging your relationships and friendships to boost your launch in a big way.

All three product launch strategies can be used to launch your book, your novel, your self-published memoir, your membership site, your video program, your audio program, your ideas for saving the world, or even your Talking Diaries.

While Jeff’s focus in this video is on general product launches, listen carefully. This lesson moves fast. But at its core, it is about leveraging what you already have to create serious book sales, more customers, and more social media awareness.

Avoid hope marketing. Create a plan or strategy to promote and launch your book. The cure to hope marketing is a well-structured, well-engineered launch.

Note: In this video, Jeff also talks about launch stacking, a strategy for building excitement for your book launches. He explains how he used this strategy to go from Mr. Mom (with only $400 per year in disposable income) to his first $1,000,000 in sales.

Again, go here to watch this new video:

Note: I wrote about Lesson #1 here: The Product Launch King: On Launching Books and Other Products.

The Magic of Book Launches

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