Edward Atkins: 8 Rules of Writing

Edward Atkins is the author of On Which We Serve: Where Life-Lessons Are Learned.

Use a precise and succinct writing style.

Make sure the words you use are particularly appropriate for the meaning you’re conveying.

Generate smooth-flowing prose that at times has a cadence.

Be accurate at all times.

Write prose that is easy to understand. Don’t make your reader struggle.

Try to keep sentences fairly short with a single meaning.

Stress substance and significance. Don’t waste your reader’s time.

It helps if your book is timeless.

Below is a Book Author Tip-o-graphic featuring Edward Atkins: 8 Rules of Writing for writing books, blog posts, articles, video scripts, podcasts, and more.

Edward Atkin on Writing

I created the above tip-o-graphic based on an email from Edward Atkins.

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