John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week: November 11, 2013

John Kremer’s Book Marketing Tip of the Week

November 11, 2013 – Veteran’s Day

In this issue . . .
– Facebook Marketing for Book Authors and Ebook Writers
– Quick Book Marketing Tips
– Blog Posts and Articles on Marketing Books

Freebies for Book Authors, Ebook Writers, and Book Publishers

Today, as part of John Kremer’s Freebie of the Day program, you can download the following 82-page report:

Facebook Marketing for Book Authors and Ebook Writers – How to Get More Fans and More Book Sales by John Kremer

Some of you may already have downloaded this special report but, if you haven’t, now is your chance to get this Facebook Marketing report for free.

Download the report by clicking here: Facebook Marketing for Book Authors

Note: This report was first written three years ago so it doesn’t incorporate the Facebook hashtags, timeline, and other changes since that time. But it’s FREE!

More important, for those of you who already have the report are the updated 11 Facebook posts I share on that same page — everything from ways to promote your Facebook Page, ways to get more Facebook fans, how to spark more engagement with your Facebook posts, and how to get more Facebook likes. Plus how to drive revenue and monetize your Facebook pages. Lots of cool information.

Be sure to check out: Facebook Marketing for Book Authors

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Quick Book Marketing Tips
John Kremer: 1001 Ways to Market Your Books
Personal Advertising — Here is an interesting advertising technique featured in the Levine Breaking News ezine. I’m just curious how many potential clients/dates/customers would be bold enough to attempt to tear her number off her skirt. I think there have to be many better ways to advertise your services.

Here’s a secret about books. They have their own power to transform. They don’t know if you’re rich or poor, beautiful or an ugly duckling, a wealthy doctor or a poor cabdriver, and they don’t care. A book will take you on an adventure whenever you’re ready, regardless of how you see yourself and as a bonus may even change the definitions. — Martha Carr, author of The List

Children’s Ebooks — Here are 18 reasons why you might want to write children’s ebooks or children’s books (besides loving the child inside yourself): 1. Children’s books are evergreen. They never go out of style. More …

Using Hashtags — Here are 9 ways you can use hashtags to discover new things, market your products and services, or simply find interesting people and companies . . .
More Retweets and Shares — Tweets with hashtags are 55% more likely to be retweeted. Retweets get you more notice from people who do not follow you but follow the retweeter.
Double the Engagement — Tweets with hashtags get double the engagement of tweets without hashtags. That means more favorites, more retweets, more replies, etc. Hashtags also encourage more engagements in the other social networks as well: more likes, more shares, more comments, more repins. And more . . .

Blog Posts and Articles on Marketing Books

Here are a few useful blog posts on social media, book marketing, website creation, and indie bookstores.

A new bookographic featuring Martha Carr’s new thriller, The List, is now live at

John Kremer’s Freebie of the Day: How to Use LinkedIn –

Good Words to Live By –

John Kremer’s Freebie of the Day: How to Use Pinterest –

Another bookographic: John Graves: Fracking book –

Inspirational Quote

Capitalism works. Democracy works. Human respect works. Caring for your environment and your neighbor as if they were your family works. — John Graves, author Fracking: America’s Alternative Energy Revolution

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