Mike Koenigs’ Traffic Geyser Marketing Machine Is Back!

Note: The original videos for this post have been deleted by Mike (as he promotes newer products).

Nearly a decade ago, my friend Mike Koenigs launched a product called Traffic Geyser and took the marketing world by storm by offering mass distribution with a click of a button.

Find out how you can share your message with the world!

Guess what? Mike is doing it again. Only this time, he’s leveraging relationships with the biggest brands in the world — brands like Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and hundreds more.

Traffic Geyser 2.0 is back and better than ever. It now includes a completely reinvented and reintegrated version of the original product. And the old Traffic Geyser was amazing.

Here is the interesting thing…

The big brands actually WANT you to create compelling, engaging, and creative content. They will reward you by letting you own, engage, and sell to their customers.

Why? Because when you do, Apple sells more movies, music, and television shows. Google sells more ads. Amazon sells more books and products. Facebook sells ads and keeps people engaged.

So how do you partner with them? What do these companies want?

The answer is simple: They want new, interesting content. In fact, they need new and interesting content!

Without new content, Apple is dead. Google is kaput. Amazon becomes a desert. Facebook is finished.

But, with your new content, they’ll reward you by letting you seduce, captivate, enchant, and engage their customers and users.

Their lists can be your list when you learn how to leverage them. And the great news is that Traffic Geyser has automated the process so you can get it done faster and cheaper.

You Everywhere Now by Mike Koenigs

Note: The digital marketing world is about to take its biggest shift in the last 10 years. This video will not only show you what’s changing, but you’ll also learn how to leverage it to build your list, your brand, and your book sales.

Mike’s book shows you how to create and distribute content to everyone around the world who is connected to the Internet. And it also shows you how to leverage the biggest brands in the world to grow your list and sell more books!

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