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Guest post by Akshata Mehta

These days, it is easy to find an app for anything, from games, to organization, to business management. Somewhere out there, is an app that will fulfill your purpose. The challenge then, is finding that right app for your needs.  With the great abundance of apps available, it becomes difficult to find those few apps that will actually streamline your marketing efforts rather than unnecessarily complicate them. Rather than lack of choice, today, we have too many choices! That’s why we’ve complied this list, after scouring through reviews, professional opinions and trial runs of the best apps around that will come in handy for any marketer.

Evernote app

Evernote — Though it is primarily a note-taking app, Evernote allows you to organize pretty much anything. It allows you to track concepts, outlines, and other information, and then categorize the same into notebooks that can be shared online with clients and colleagues. One of the best features is the desktop app that automatically syncs and is accessible in real time, provided you have access to the Internet.


Any.Do — Any.Do lets you organize any task into to-do lists based on deadlines such as Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming, and Someday. It sets out your goals in a simple but effective manner, creating an easy timeline that syncs through Chrome to your Gmail or directly to your computer. And, yes, you can set multiple reminders for tasks, in the event that you aren’t constantly consulting this addictive app!

IFTTT If this then that

IFTTT — Remember those logic problems we had in school? “If this, then that,” or IFTTT is an app that uses logic to easily program your phone or many other web activities. Basically, if a certain scenario occurs (if this), then a subsequent action results (then that). For instance, if you change your Facebook profile picture, then your Twitter picture will also change if you’ve set it so.

Pocket app

Pocket — This app will help keep you up to date with current events in your field of interest — any time. The idea behind Pocket is that you can save any information that you are interested in for a later time. It works alongside over 500 apps, including major news sources and social media. The best part is, once you’ve pocketed something, it remains on your smartphone and you don’t need an internet connection to view it!

Hootsuite social media

Hootsuite — Hootsuite acts as a social media dashboard, and allows you to post, monitor, and analyze your social media statistics. It provides analytics so that you can increase your social media traffic and further understand your following. It also allows you to schedule posts to most of your social networks (and post to multiple social media with one click).

WordSwag graphics app

Wordswag — If you use Instagram for marketing efforts, then Wordswag is a must-have! This app allows you to add fancy and creative text over pictures with a very easy user interface and great suggestions. It’s also great for sharing quotegraphics on other social networks.

Slack Chat app

Slack — Slack Chat is perfect for marketers who need to be constantly communicating with their teams. Slack uses channels and hashtags, making it easy to categorize your chats and even search for specific information in your chat history at a later date.


Trello — Trello works wonderfully as a content calendar, allowing you to organize tasks with anyone. Its mobile interface lets you add tasks, content ideas, deadlines, and assignees on-the-go, which is great if you are hit with inspiration when you aren’t with your team or near a computer. Much like a reminder board with sticky-notes.

Depending on the nature of your marketing, these apps should definitely be included in your arsenal. If you’ve experienced any of these, or have other suggestions that we missed, be sure to leave us a note in the comments section below!

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