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Guest Post by Sheldon Newton

I am the author of ten books and counting. I love writing. And I love sharing with others what I learn on this pathway called life. You see, I believe that each individual was born into this world with a purpose and for a purpose. I really believe that. And I believe that it is a part of my calling to share with people how valuable they are and how they can discover purpose by connecting with their Creator, enjoying true satisfaction and peace within.

Humility and the Honor of God by Sheldon Newton

I wrote about five books before I realized that unless I learned something about marketing my books, they were not going to go far. So I attended a book conference in Los Angeles (yes, far from the Bahamas, I know) because I needed to understand how to succeed as an author. And my eyes were opened. The speakers did not just give me a bunch of hype.

They said, “Some of you sitting here are thinking that you are going to give your book to a publisher, and then just sit back and watch the money come rolling in.”

And to be honest with you, that was exactly what I was thinking. They told those of us who attended the conference that our books were just that, our books, and that if we wanted them to sell and possibly become bestsellers, we would have to take on the responsibility of marketing our books. That was not something I wanted to hear, but I have learned that it was and still is the truth. Knowledge is crucial, not only to write a good book, but also to build your platform as an author.

Two of the best ways I have experienced marketing my books are through my email list and through various speaking engagements. As a Bible teacher and one who speaks concerning real transformation, I have encouraged people to purchase a copy of Be Ye Transformed: How to Become the Victorious Being You Were Created to Be or My Name Is Jealous: A Devotional on a Forgotten Name of God and read the books because they enhance what I teach. I also share this advice with those on my email list. Both of these methods have helped me sell a good number of books.

I believe it is important for authors to build a list. And, if they are engaged in the speaking industry, to share with their audiences why they should invest in their book (to further their understanding of the subject discussed). The more aware people become of your books, and how much value the books can add to their lives, the more they will be motivated to search you out. So, I am engaged in marketing in this way, along with doing book blog tours to bring more attention to the books I have available.

I encourage you to learn all you can about how to market your book. Become a student and get results. You will be glad you did.

About the Author

Sheldon D. Newton is the author of Be Ye Transformed: How to Become the Victorious Being You Were Created to Be and Humility and the Honor of God: Unleash the Power of Obedience to God.

For more information about his work and books, check out his website at

Be Ye Transformed: How to Become the Victorious Being You Were Created to Be by Sheldon Newton

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